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Different platforms have different delivery ways, you can choose one most comfortable way for you. When you click the coins buy page, you will those delivery way.

Some delievery way is in 1 minute!

Notice:The platform PS (PlayStation) include two consoles PS3 and PS4. The platform Xbox Live include two consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The FUT share content on the one platform between both consoles.

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rsmalls 23 hours ago

please come to my live chat or send email to [email protected],they will process for you

Guest 1 days ago

I have been playing games for years and buying and selling products to sites. This is by far my favorite, most trusted, and my "Go To' site for everything. Great work.

Guest 1 days ago

I just bought 4m when will i get it? Ballistic_NA

Guest 1 days ago

almost 1 hour waiting, and ya, maybe some free cash by waiting time was not bad..

Patrik Parkkima 2 days ago

I told them a website for BNS bot ,they gave me 500free golds as present , amazing great service .

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